Super Bunnie Booty Enhancer Legging


These can be done in all colors available on our website

Because is ALL about the Bootylisciousness and these can be done in all our amazing colors!!!

The Bunny Booty has especially designed  cut that will hug and enhance your rear! perfectly added seams that contour your glute, will make them look super ROUND and sexy! add scrunch booty for the legging of your life!!

Most likely your significant other will not  want you on these because they are ULTRA SEXY! But since you own your life YOU NEED THESE!!

A fit for a goddess like you,also featuring ultimate performance fabric that slims inner and outer thighs and seriously lifts your booty. New waistband engineering is tummy flattening and super flattering.

Colors featured: Dharma Gray and cobalt (runs true to size)
Current production time 4-6 weeks.