Scrunchme Up Waistband (All colors and prints)


Hello Scrunch Waistband!

We thought we could not get any cutter...

Now these are born! enjoy your favorite Abs2b Scrunchbooty Pants... now with a Scrunched Waistband!!!

These pants will make you look slimmer! the scrunched detail makes waistband slightly compressive, enough to tuck you in without creating a muffin top!

Beware ....on this style we just have regular raise and Marilyn high raise options, we can not add mesh, pockets,v-band etc. to them (  will make them a very complex pant to make) they are already slightly  V-band on the back!

They have just enough detail by themselves!!! TRUST US!

PS:If you REALLY want this pants with a mesh detail or pockets please e mail us to create a very customized product! all is possible, we just do not want to get to cray cray!!!

We recommend them as they are.... if you add mesh, pockets etc., they will look too busy! keep it classy!




  • Constructed with Heavy Supplex stretch material or Medium waight material depending on color
  • Slimming, breathable and form-fitted
  • Non see through (Squat Proof)
  • Flat seams for additional comfort
  • Quick-dry fabric & UV Protection
  • Customizable

Current production time 3-4 weeks. All orders placed on/after Black Friday and Cyber monday will take 6 weeks for production.