Abs2b Fitness Exclusive Invention!!!


Exclusively made for fitness competitors or for those girls wanting  to shed excess water weight  before a contest or special event.

Ultra Ripper neoprene tight is an ultra thick tricot with thermogenic/Heating properties that will help you sweat and shed those last water wight pounds.... so you look sharp&Ripped on your event day!!


1- put your desired sweating cream on ( sweat sweat recommended or preparation H ) (no more than 2 hours in a row please)

2- wrap yourself up on plastic paper

3- put on your Ultra Ripper.... preferably go do some cardio :)

* Do no use it for more than 2 hours please!!!!! 

* Do not use more than 1 week in a row (designed for peak weak)

* read sizes carefully since they are supposed to be super compression tights to be able to have a slimming effect!