Marilyn Camo Combo


Hello Abs2b Gang!

So ......we decided to do something fun, each week we are going to have a NEW combo that we will design, sew and upload.....will be available for 1 DAY!!! ONLY

we will release every Friday at a special price.

This will be named:The Weekend Combo! 

Just available to purchase ON FRIDAY only. releasing at 12 AM and available until 12 midnight.


COMBO OF THE WEEK: Marilyn's Camos (Yes you will get BOTH colors for $120)

- High waitsed Compression waistband (Power net inside waistband maked them have a slimming, shapping effect!)

- They can be flapped down for a super low rise cut

-100% slide proof

-100% Amazing

NO CODES!!!! :)

 Tip: Add tuxedo, spirals or full front mesh for the most amazing tights EVER!!