Amanda Ortega is ABS2B's CEO and Founder.

A lawyer turned entrepreneur, this Venezuelan native began ABS2B Fitness in 2013.

"Working out and feeling good is important to me. I started this apparel line not because of the money, but because I want to do my part in promoting a healthy life style in all. I call ABS2B Fitness the Brand of Champions because no matter if you are taking your first step in your fitness journey or you have been exercising all your life, you have made a choice to grow, and now who knows what you can overcome."

Ortega speaks from experience, as she is a long term sufferer of GAD.  

"I have struggled with Generalized Anxiety Disorder for a few years and exercising has help me tremendously keep this issue in check. This clothing line is about  becoming strong, not only in the outside but in the inside. There is a great quote that says when you look good, you feel good. That is what I want for my customers."

Amanda loves to her from her customers, so feel free to reach out and email her at info@abs2bfitness.com