Fit guide Vol III

Guide Vol III


Hey girls,


So sorry I have been promising this darn guide for more than 15 days, my schedule get more crazy as time passes; ABS2B grows (thank you!!), Max grows, all grows and I get older… but that is life .


Alright, I am trying to make these guides as friendly as possible, because some of us that are into fitness for some years, think that all is super understandable; that all is a no brainer to stay in shape, well NO , 99% of the population have no idea how to start to live a more healthy lifestyle.


Yes, I do compete and I train 2 times a day most of the time, but this is not what I am trying to write in here, at some point of course I will do a “want to compete guide” or “how to create an successful online business” or how to go from $200 to $1M plus bank account less than 3 years 😊 and be a selfmade badass crazy woman hahaha..


I will, there is nothing more than I want to do now, that share all what I have learned in this almost 5 years with ABS2B.. and now MUSCLESWIM and ABS2BSTORE…my journey from A to Z and all in between, there is no happiness if you do not share I love to write and I love to share.


So, guide Vol III, I wanted to write  a bit about the most common mistakes we all do when trying to lose some pounds, or going from semi fit to super fit, or from 0 fit to semi fit 😊


iI all a process ad it takes time, there is no magic solution to be in the best shape of your life, this guide is exclusively for those common mistakes that if you avoid, I swear God you will see a difference in little time.


They are all very practical and easy to do (well not that easy) but once you get the feel for it and have them down to a science, at least you will know for sure exactly when you are fucking up your goal or not (excuse my vocabulary but I do tend to curse a little bit) sorry I will try not to.


Okay let me get started:
Here is the most important one:

Jesus Christ, this is the first shit we do… Ok I am not eating, that is the wayt , I will leave out of crackers, tea, coffee and water that’s it…(sounds familiar…what about the yogurt diet)….


Yes do that you will end up being a skinny fat with the worst health and body in the entire world, not to mention you will for sure be getting in the dark world of eating disorders ( don’t even get me started ..that’s another guide and a HUGE one 😊) 


So you NEED to eat, but you need to know what you are putting in your mouth, there is not fixed diet for anyone, we are all different.


We ladies have different body composition,different metabolism, different life’s, different hormones etc., but we can apply some basic changes that for sure will get you started.


You need to eat at least every 4 hours, to get your Metabolist speeded up, but you need to know your macros (how much fat, carbs, protein and fiber) you need depending on your daily routine.. is your life and body composition that will dictate this.

I am making this guides as a general advise, but I always recommend a nutritionist for a detailed diet that will fit you and your goals.




If you are trying to loose weight, stay lean and NOT lose your muscle mass try this 20 tips:


  • Fasted cardio ( I already said that on one of the other guides, but t really works for me and has always worked) this cardio in the AM soon as you get up, NO more than 35 min or you will start to eat your muscles…you can go jog or hey, youtube fasted cardio routine, and you will get a ton that you can do in your room, while your baby sleeps.


  • Eat healthy, small meals….every 4 hours, try to stick to lean protein and veggies. carbs try to stick to low glycemic ones ( I added this to guide II) but here are some again:


  • I love ezequile bread for Breakfast with some egg whites 😊
  • Oatmeal(rolled or steel-cut), oat bran, muesli.
  • Sweet potatocorn, yam, lima/butter beanspeaslegumesand lentils.
  • non-starchy vegetablesand carrots.. I only eat apples , strawberry’s and some blueberries as fruit…



  • Avoid juices and some high sugary fruit. Specially juices, a freaking orange juice have like 9 oranges… enough sugar to give you a sugar coma! Instead of the juice the orange.


  • DO NOT to do those quick fix diets…the soup diet, the apple diet, the grapefruit diet, the yogurt diet. …The freaking baby food diet (are you kidding me) why? Because you will loose 5 pounds in a week yes (water) and eat your muscles, and get skinny fat!!!!!!!!!!!!


 After you resume your normal eating behavior, hello REBOUND effect, welcome the weight back PLUS other 5 pounds if not 10….thank you.


  • Measure your food…. Try to get a scale…. or go with basics….protein size will be your fist closed more or less, then a cup of greens and a carb the size of half fist…. Try to avoid carbs on the last 2 meals of your day( I hope fits is a word In English) :D


  • Water intake: I am a firm believer that when I have a gallon a day, I stop holding water weight , I get beautiful and lean, but I need to be conservative on the sodium tho!! I think a gallon is a lot, but at least 2 littler is a very good amount to keep your nutrients flowing, keep sodium low! And you will shine like a diamond.


  • To much cardio… Jesus Christ I can stand girls that say they do 2 hours cardio a day, I am like that’s why you have no ass, and no muscle…. other wise (if you do have muscles) you are on drugs OK, thank you.


  • Hell NO do your 45 min efficient weight lifting heavy as you can and the do you 30 min cardio that’s it!


No one needs longer than that, NO one. When I do fasted I rarely do cardio again after weights, maybe 10 min on incline/walk to dis- stress muscles ( that a word??you get me)


Those energizer cardio bunnies out there….if they are super fit just doing cardio is 2 things – Kardashian like super liposuctionated bodies, or freaking Winstrolic ……..period


DISCLAIMER ( I am NOT against surgery and whatever) I have had many surgeries (that’s another guide LAMAO) and have tried some PEDS) so I am not a saint…..


I have that clear and have NO problem saying it, what I am not happy about, is saying that eating fish and asparagus and doing 3 hour cardio a day you will have those bodies.. yes right Bitch….  (little rant with today social media Jesusssss)


  • Hate cardio, then do HIIT: just 20 min, high intensity training, just google it hit cardio.. you will get 1000000 examples, just 20 min 3 times a week and your weight lifting 45 min efficient, and good eats you will be in shape in NO time.




  • Eat after training, always .., within 30 min of finishing your workout, have at least a protein shake! If you can stick to natural protein sources go for it, if not I love the O carbs, 0 fat . o sugar one…the isolated ones, wont taste like heaven but will get you what you need.


  • Do NOT over train, and take at least 1 rest day (I take 2) your body will stop responding if you go crazy with your workouts, it needs to recover and grow, and please sleep (I have a hard time on this, but I am trying my best to do it) at least 7 hours, do it, you will feel so energetic next day… trust me on this one, if you cant go take an Unisom, who cares?



  • DO NOT train sick, if you do that ( I do and I always regret it) yes I am strong I will try with the flu.. no your will Fuck up your body and it will take 3 times more time to recover, is OK to rest 5-7 days, if you get horrible cramps with your period, rest girl… muscles have memory, you will be back a it in no time!!!! ( I know is easier to say this, I have a hard time taking days of, but when I do my body always thanks me)


  • Have Goals, say hey I want to go from size 12 to 8, or from 4 to 2 or just disappear (haha do not do that) But be specific with your goals, measure them, in pounds, in shape, in clothes size, if you don’t have your goals clear and you do not write them down, they are not going to happen!


  • Cheat meals, hey have 1 2, or 3 bur say it and be aware of them, DO NOT get obsessed, me I like to drink wine on Wednesday ( is the most stressful day on the week) and Friday, sometimes I have 1 glass …sometimes, I want to have the whole darn bottle, but I am conscious about it and next day I make sure to do extra cardio, or extra circuit training to get rid of toxins.


Maybe your thing are burgers? Tacos? You name it, I love my red wine so I am conscious about it and make it work so it does not get on my way to be healthy and fit.



  • Fat free items/diet items or sugar free items: BE CAREFULL read you labels, usually we tengo to go and grab all that says fat free/ sugar free or whatever free… usually when is fat free it has as much sugar as to kill a horse, when they are sugar free fat will be horrendous, there are some good products out there, but the majority sucks! Not to mention when they are fat and sugar free, they have about 100 gms of carbs that will convert into sugar and fat anyways!!! Be aware that all in this world is a business, and yes we all need to make money, but the food industry SUCKS big time, so please, read labels!!!!!


  • Use a protein powder that goes with your goals, if you are trying to trim down, choose the one low in carbs, sugars and fat!!! If you are very lean, and are trying to bull up, them go with the ones high in those ( but I have yet to meet the ladies that have problems gaining weight hahahaha) I mean I think 95% of the woman population have a hard time loosing not gaining… just saying.


  • DO NOT drink your calories, a good example about this is that I rather having a cheese burger than a regular coke… stay away from carbonated drinks, but I do have diet and zero coke at least 3 times a week, I love them, but a regular coke with 40gms of sugar I find it horrifying, the zero coke and diet are horrifying as well… but hey have the burger instead…again, stay away from concentrated juices…alcohol in moderation and stick to clear ones, vodka tonic etc or the occasional red or white whine… NO cocktails pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They have 1000 calories each, they will get you so hungry that you will eat a house and they will give you the worst hangover ever! Chao Margarita and Hurricane BYE, ADIOS.


  • NO talking, selfies and BS’ing at the gym, girl you have all day to do that, do not text, talk, at the gym…today there was this girl walking on the treadmill at 2.00 speed, 0 incline talkingggggggggg in the phone……….I was like yeah you will never loose a pound, put the phone down and JOG girl!!!


 What in the world!!! If I touch the phone while training  is because my music got stucked or something… NO talk, text, selfies NO NO NO be efficient, go there and get out in 45 in to an hour… stop the BS!


  • Mind the muscle and mind connection: Yes, you need to be focused!!! Like pushing with your heel, all that matters, you need to make each rep count, count up and count down, don’t just go work out… Go and Train… you mean it, like you are getting paid for it.. then you take a selfie 😊


  • Change your workouts, whatever they are, at least once a month, your body id very intelligent and he get used to stuff quickly so you need to shake things up… I can do 1 week jog, but if I go one day and pass a bridge jogging I have never done before, I loose a pound, your body get confused and reacts SO quickly is amazing, if you do the same stuff every day as hard as it is you will hit a plateau.



Okay this is it, I am tired as hell today! Again the best thing to do is taking things slowly and give it time, set goals, be patient but be consistent.


If you mess ok, we all mess up, every minute is a new opportunity to get better.. do not be hard on yourself, is OK, enjoy life and do not get obsessed, is not worth it, at the end of the day.. whoever loves you, your family, yours kids, your partner, the friends that matter, will love you however you are…


Make a change for you, not others, make a change because you want to love you more, and feel more comfortable In your own skin, do not hate the process, learn to love it, little by little.


This words come for a girl that at her 37 years old, have seen and done a lot, that struggles every day with my personal battles…And I am sure you do too.


I am so glad to be able to guide and help some out there that are enjoying this guides.


For me this is therapy and I am enjoying it every day more and more,


Love you guys


Feel free to leave comments on our blog about what you want to hear OK






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