Fit Guide Vol II


Diet and Training Guide Vol II


Hey Babes,


Thank you so much for liking the guide vol I, that was unexpected ..all the e mails we got wanting more and thanking for the honesty… were unreal… thanks so much!

First of all,I want to share that I have always had this creative side of me…. I graduated as a lawyer and then did an MBA here in USA and work in the corporate world, this is how I became a USA resident. actually, on July 21st I have my appointment to become a citizen YAS!

Having that said, for me is a stress relief seating here and writing a little bit for you guys, we will have a dedicated e mail soon, where you can e mail of the topics you want me to talk about… make sure I know about it hahah…


Alright, so on guide Vol I I was pretty much telling you guys how a prepped for my last NPC bikini competition, and how do I keep my little ass lean enough to be able to be the face and body of ABS2B, because we have no time to be hiring models and scheduling photoshoots, we really operate in a very different manner, so we are always adapting.

Ok .. here I want to add some foodies I have found that helps a lot.. this one I usually buy at Publix.


Zero Carbs Pasta (link to a pic of it)

Alone taste like shit, but if you add some good source and a little cheese and a little mrs dash, some veggies and chicken, it taste good!!

Also, the Cauliflower and Broccoli rice:


Pretty good too.. Yes I know, they are packed stuff, I am just saying, when you want to binge of  some kinda alike carbs, have these on hand haha!!


While I want to keep my self lean, I do carry a bag with 2/3 meals, you can go fancy with a iso or 6 pack whatever bag… but you can also get some Ziploc bags and put your food in there and throw it on your gym bag, I do it, I don’t care, it wont go rotten in a few hours, It depends on you, yeah it can look a bit nasty… but hey you got to do what you got to do.


Please get an AIR FRIER… all are fine… I have like a $100 bucks one.. here is a link to them


I cook everything in there, like ALL!!! Is amazing…. So you need that, who in the heaven wants to use an oven, not me….


Eggs…. I love eggs ( I am sorry for my vegetarian girls) I will tell you about my vegetarian face in a little 😊


Have eggs, egg whites in the fridge… always… eat that whenever, I can eat 10 eggs a day, yes seriously, I eat the whites and put mustard, I love it and is super high in protein and trust me wont fatten you!!

So things I always have in the fridge, so if I am start to get hungry can grab that and calm my self down, if you let your self get hungry, that is it… you will F your diet up.


  • Eggs boiled
  • Some chicken breast
  • Deli turkey ( the one that says LOW sodium) I snack on that as well
  • Celery sticks, carrots, with low fat ranch
  • Some faGe 0% yogurt (limit dairy) trust me … is bad
  • Muscle mil protein (or whatever that has low or 0 sugars and carbs)
  • Tuna packets or pouches that you can grab on the go
  • Apples

9-Almond or peanut butter (limit a small scoop a day and the day you have it try to low your carbs)

10-Rice cakes YAS, plain, non-salted ones… 😊

Best snack ever, a rice cake with a scoop of almond butter, I put a little bit of stevia on top.. and haaaaa heaven :D

11- if you love red wine as I do, there is a brand called FIT VINE, their wine is low alcohol, but still gives you a little buzz and is dry and has almost no sugar, so is amazing… get that as well 😊

12- Diet Tea

13-All the natural teas you want, coffee all that, I use coffee creamer, the ones that are light but I use, I drink coke 0 about 3 times a week or so, but try to limit those as well.

13- the skinny popcorn is good and the helo top ice cream is OK in moderation you can have those so you don’t go a eat the pint of Hagen das OK

14- Almonds (12) is the ideal serving, and make sure you don’t have the peanut butter of avocados that day! Supervise your fats and supervise your carbs, once you know how to understand your macros and how they work, trust me you can maintain your weight steady.


Because, there are 1000 millions of diets, doctors, pills, weight loss programs that works!! But they work while you are on them, once you get off then comes the yoyo thing…


You are up 10 pounds in a week and then even more than before, so you get frustrated, eat more and get more weight, the idea behind fitness for me is understand how it works, how it works for your body and work with that.


Yes you will be softer, fluffier on vacations, then leaner when you want, or get loose some times, but if you understand how to control it then you have a little piece of mind, that if you want to get loose on your month vacations to Italy, you are sure you can get yourself back into your ideal weight as soon as you want.


I can extend this guide vol II this much because then you won’t read it all, but I really want you guys to understand it, I am not a pro, or a nutritionist, but I am sure I have down the   the macros thing, to keep my self lean and healthy (my body is healthy) my mind not so much ( but that’s another story) ….


Ok so here is another daily easy menu to loose weight:


Breakfast : 3 egg whites, ¼ oats. Coffe  OR a slice of brown multigrain bread with 2 slices of deli turkey breast and coffee.

Mid morning: 1 small apple and a small scoop of Almond butter OR a protein bar ( stay with the lean ones that have less than 200 cals are low sugar and carbs)

Lunch: Small green salad with tuna or chicken and small carb (popato) wild rice.


Mid afternoon: 1 fage yogurt, or a cup of skinny pop corn

Dinner/ veggies and a protein (fish or chicken)


1-2 times a week you can do meat ( bison, steak 4-5 oz) or salmon, sea food is OK too 😊


For girls that are in the right way and want to maintain, you can do the same menu but add a small carb on dinner.




This depends on what you are looking for, I have customer that love my body others that say I have No butt and legs, others that say I am anorexic, other that I am to fat to compete… haha so Like you cant please anyone.

I am 5’3 and I usually weight 115-120 pounds, I am small framed, my bones are tiny, I don’t look super skinny in person, I look ok, not I am 110 because I am competing, and I compete at 108 or so…

I like Lean, muscly, not so hard but with some lines, I do not gain muscle easily, I believe most woman do not…


So I lift as heavy as I can possibly handle and I do cardio, not a lot but intense.

I am FIRM believer that you can get a super complete workout in 45 min-1 hour, I do not rest in between sets, just what takes me to go from one machine to the other, I train in circuit… I think is the best way to do it, you attack the muscle in different ways at once.. It has work amazing for me.


Lets say, I am doing legs so:


I do

1 set of 30 reps Leg extensions with 45 pounds , then I go and do 30 squats on the rack, then I go and do 60 walking lounges holding 15 pounds kettle bells each hand, then I go and do 25 Steps Jumps, and then I rest…


And then again… 4 times.


Then I might change to the back of my legs and do stiff legs, then go and do seated curls, then bridges, then lying leg curls… and like that…

Do not do 4 sets of 1 exercise and then the other… this is just the wat that has worked for me… Bikini girls usually train in circuit…try it…


Also …after your whole set that minute you take off, stretch, make it an active minute…always have a protein shake within 30 min after your workout.

Tricks and tips-


1-Take 1 dandelion pill 3 times a day is good for you and help you not to hold water

2-When you really want to shed water changes the sweat sweat for VICKS menthol and wrap you on plastic paper… that shit works.

3-Garcinia Cambodia pills help to suppress your appetite a little, I am not a huge fan but they are ok.

4- If you really need to lose weight or are really over weight I highly recommend going to a doctor and have them prescribe phentermine or dietylpropion, these are drugs, but if your weight is causing your health issues these might help you out, these drgs are safe but are just prescribed for people that really need them.


On guide Volume III I will be telling you what you need if you are a person that can not go to the gym, I get it is hard and sometimes you can’t, trust me you can have some simple equipment at home and get in shape.


I also will tell you some girls accounts to follow to get inspired, not competitors, not bikini girls, regular normal girls, moms, hard wok moms that manage with 30 mina day to have a beautiful and healthy body.


Because looking good is amazing, we all want to look hit and sexy but something we have other properties, we need to find a way to put the least time on this and make it work, not only for the looks but for our long-term health.


Make it a habit!!! At fist is hard, once is a ha it, the day you at least dot go for a 15 jog you will feel there is a piece missing in your day…it has to become a part of your routine, it will become a part of your day before you even notice it.

If you are lazy take pre workout and get going!! Yes I am a pre workout addict, is bad but hey … what can I say :S


What else I wanted to say in this volume….nothing else,because then is toooo long and you will get bored..


Please e mail me back to with what you want me to write about…

I am so sorry for the incoherencessssss, but I have very limited time to revise what I write, so pretty much this goes as is…

When I am rich and I can pay and editor, I will make sure you get a decent guide OK

Meanwhile I hope you like this Spanglish kinda fitness guide.



Love you girls




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