Bonnie Basso, Anxiety Issue Story

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Let me start by sayin by when I was searching for a a new workout pant I never thought I would of stumbled upon a bran that held such meaning behind it and it was why I took the chance to order on line (which I hate doing) I’m glad I took the chance. I’m 4 pants in and I love every pair. 

My name is Bonnie! I’m a 37 yr old single mom to an amazing 8 yr old boy. I’m an accounts receivable manager for a trucking company as well as a an advisory member for the Canadian Mental Health Association.
I suffer from anxiety as well as just recently have been diagnosed with Sojrens - it’s an autoimmune disease. I have always loved exercise and eating well (loosing weight has always been a struggle) but it’s been a struggle lately with the pain. But I am extremely determined to get myself levelled  out and back in the gym in no time.
My mother is a paranoid bipolar schizophrenic who I got taken away from at the age of 6 to go live with my dad who way a very Rich cocaine user. Needless to say my childhood was interesting. But I feel what does not kill you only makes you stronger. You can choose to be a survived or a victim. My sister and I choose to be survivors as my brother choose to be a victim. My mom is medicated now and is an amazing grandmother to my son. At the age of 10 I started studying mental health to be able to help my mom. My dad went broke many years ago and is now an alcoholic with nothing left to show for his millions.  We are not very close but I believe he loves me the best way he knows how. 
I have had self esteem issues my whole life. Been threw lots and lots of counciling and I am constantly reading motivational and inspiring books to keep myself growing to be the best person I can possibly be. I want to give my son the stability and consistency I never had. 
I would love to be able to help an inspire anyone in need.  I whole heartily believe that it only takes one person to care to make a difference in someone’s life!

I love what you are doing and that your company is So so so Much more then just a brand name!

My IG is Bellasweet1
Facebook name is Bonnie Basso
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