15 Day Challenge/ Flash Diet + Intermittent fasting

2 Weeks Flash Diet and Intermittent fasting experience so far (7 days in)

Hello babes!


How are you? Hope amazing, Okay so you should have guide I II and III, you can find them on our blog at:


Alright, so for this quick guide I wanted to send you a flash diet; for when we have that upcoming beach trip, or that wedding, or that photoshoot.

BE AWARE that these type of diets are not very good for your body, you cannot them very often or try to maintain this kind of eating behavior long term OKAY, I am just making this clear before some one comes and write on the blog that I am promoting FAD diets.


What is a FAD diet?I know many of our customers at ABS2B are athletes and gym rats and  I am PRETTY sure 90% of you have a master in dieting an training, but anyways I will explain here what they are:



They are simply an eating regimen that promises a very rapid weight lost and other heath advantages, they are usually, they are usually highly restrictive, so this is why they are NOT good for long term goals.


This are quick fix when you want to lose some pounds or look thinner for some event or whatever but most likely all the weight you loose will be mainly water, and little fat and most likely you will gain it back.

Anyways, I am writing this because I have many girlfriends that are always asking me: Amanda I have a wedding in 2 weeks, or I am going to a cruise, what is the best I can do in 2 weeks, so here it is:


I AM not a nutritionist and I am not giving any sort of medical advice! I am sharing what I do at times that works for me Okay!!


Cleanse Potion everyday first thing in the morning and before bed!!! SO 2 TIMES A DAY….

You can also add 1 cucumber/ 1 celery stick and 1 small apple to this cleanse and drink as BREAKFAST.


8 oz water

2 oz (2 tablespoons more or less) Organic apple cider vinegar

Dash of cayenne pepper

Dash of turmeric

Dash or Ginger

I put about ¼ teaspoon I like it spicy and strong








1 small orange

3 egg whites

1 cup of coffee or tea (without sugar)



Small green salad (just greens, spinach, cucumber, broccoli etc) NO dressing, use  a little of olive oil and lemon. yes, you can use a little pepper as well.

5 OZ tilapia or Cod

1/2 cups of yogurt OR small green salad


Mid day

1 small apple with ½ spoon of peanut butter



2 tomatoes

2 boiled eggs

1 cucumber or 1/2 of lettuce salad





1 orange

1 slice of Ezequiel bread

2 slices of fat free turkey breast (deli)

1 tomatoes

1 cup of coffee or sugar-free tea



1 small apple

3 boiled eggs

1/2 cup of yogurt OR small green salad


Mid day snack

12 raw cashews or almonds




1 Burger (125 g of minced meat) lean

1 small green salad




1 orange

¼  cup of oats in water

3 egg whites

1 cup of coffee or sugar-free tea



5 oz chicken breast griller

¼ cup of quinoa

Small green salad


Mid day snack

1 0 carb/ 0 sugar protein shake




1 turkey burger (125 g of minced beef meat)

8 asparagus spears




1 orange

4 crackers (soda crackers)

3 egg whites

1 cup of coffee or sugar-free tea



125 g of lean cold cuts (turkey, ham) from deli

1 tomato

4 soda crackers



5 oz tilapia or cod ( size of your fits more or less)

2 tomatoes

7 asparagus spears




1 orange

1 slice toast Ezequiel bread

1 cheese string (fat free)

1 cup of coffee or sugar-free tea



200 g of fish or chicken

1 small sweat potato

Small green salad

1 tomato



500 g of cooked vegetables

1 boiled egg

1 tomato


Day 6 (Saturday)


Drink your cleanse juice and stay fasted until 12 noon


5 oz chicken breast

½ cup of rice

Small green salad


Mid day snack

1 orange



Cheat meal (if you have done all week perfect go have a hamburguer)




Drink your cleanse juice and stay fasted until noon




Water/piece of chicken/veggies No salt, add a little mrs Dash and a little olive oil, prepare like a broth and drink.



5 oz or 200 gsm chicken breast

7 asparagus spears


Repeat 1 more week!



Additional notes

Meat and cooked vegetables can be lightly seasoned with whichever herb or spice you like

Meat should be baked on teflon pan to reduce the need for additional fat

You can replace fresh tomatoes with cooked ones

Never skip meals

Hydrate your body by drinking a lot of water- strive for 2-3 liters per day.

The listed foods should be consumed in the specified quantities and order

Heart healthy foods

Here are a few additional foods that are good for your heart and weight loss.



Chicken breast

Fish (cod/ tilapia/orange roughly

Turkey ( grated/grounded or breast)






Bell peppers


Bok choy






Soluble fiber:



Ground flaxseed



Omega 3 fatty acids:





Hemp Seeds

Ground flaxseed

Chia seeds




Ok babes you can follow this flash plan for 2 weeks, this will make you lose some good 5-10 pounds depending on your body composition, this is a base guide you can increase a little the portions if you are taller than 5.5 feet.


This is not to be done more than 2 weeks, bare in mind that you should go back to introduce more carbs and fats into your diet slowly to avoid a yoyo effect.



I wanted to share with you a little bit of my experience on the famous and controversial intermittent fasting.

There are several ways on doing this, but I am doing the 16/8 version of it, meaning you eat in a 8 hour window and then fast for 16 hours.

I am having my last meal at around 7 pm and them eating again next day by 11  Am , or if my last meal is at 9 pm then I know I have to break the fast at 1 pm

I am drinking the cleanse (without cucumber etc) just the water/apple cider and cayenne/turmeric/ginger) 1 thing In the AM and before bed as well.


I am keeping the meals I am eating in the 8 hour window in low carb mode, like a semi keto diet, I am loving the results so far, I am down a couple of pounds ( not trying to loose weight) I just trying to give my digestive system a break of eating TOO much protein all the time.


I feel very energized, clear minded and my anxiety has gotten better!  not sure if this is the cause, but I feel good!

I like to try different things all the time, I am curious and always like to try this and that, each body and person is different, so this might not work for you.

I invite you to do a little more research about it and try it if you will.


I am going to do it for 1 month and then share the whole experience,  just 1-week in….


Love you babes!! Feel free to share what you do and what works for you!! 😊




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