Rebecca LaBrake/ Cancer Survivor/ Fitness Journey

My whole life I've lived an athletic life: Growing up playing soccer basketball running track and competitively playing college volleyball on scholarship. Once I was out of school my partying ways continued my healthy habits got worse, I suffered from depression and anxiety and had a few heart issues I denied to take care of. In February 2012 I was diagnosed with cervical cancer... At this point my life came to a sudden stop. I was in denial about being sick, but it finally hit me I needed to make a change in my life. No more binge drinking, I wanted to get better and treat my depression and come off all depression medications, take my cancer treatment seriously and make sure I was not at risk for having a stroke due to my heart issues. I stopped drinking cold turkey, slowly got my diet under control and made it a goal to run my first half marathon in sept 2012 (this was just the start). I under went treatment every two weeks and trained for my half marathon. As of October 2012 I was now in remission and cancer free! My doctor had cleared me completely to go full force in pursuing a dream of competing in the bodybuilding world. I knew I needed a challenging goal and was ready to take on the world. There was no looking back for me, I had already been at rock bottom there was no where to go except up,My stats were 170lbs standing at 5'10 ... I now weigh in at 135-140. Every girl should know that this process was not fast it was slow and steady I've learned to love every step of the way, through the good and the bad. I'm now 1.5 year cancer free, come off all depression and anxiety meds and have my heart issues under control... I now would never trade this life for my old, Ive never felt so brave, proud and confident and happy. I live by these two quotes "the struggle you are in today develops into the strength you need for tomorrow" "hold onto hope"
Hey girl-- hope this story helps sorry if it's so scattered. Always here to inspire xo 

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