Leah Pierce our 1st Amazing Story

My name is Leah Pierce from,Colorado Springs CO 80906.
This is My story:

In May of 2012 my husband and I deployed to Afghanistan. We were separated due to the fact that we were in different platoons.Within a month of us being there I had a severe accident and I had broken my back. Among many injuries I had sustained it all circled around my T12 burst fracture.
I can’t really remember everything that happened within those moments, but I know I couldn’t move. I remember screaming, hearing my back snap and realizing that I couldn’t move my lower extremities.
My husband at the time was not allowed to accompany me to Germany. When I was finally Medevac to Germany they told me that they couldn’t help me and had to send me to the states to Walter Reed.
When I finally got to Walter Reed my neurosurgeon actually cleared his schedule for the next day besides a cranium operation so that I could get fixed up as soon as possible.
Once I was finally out of my 7 hour long surgery my doctor came in and said that I may not be able to have children due to the fact that I would never be able to bear the weight of pregnancy. Also, that i wouldn’t be able to workout as I once did and that I would have to learn to re walk and that would take some time. The initial news was very upsetting to me, because I knew this meant that there was a lot I wasn’t able to accomplish before my accident. However, I decided I wasn’t going to let anything hold me back. My husband was ordered to come back to the states to come take care of me because no one else could, he was my motivation to get in the best shape and to push myself to be better.
After months of therapy and motivation to walk at every opportunity that my body would allow I was able to walk further and further. After 8 months I started running and since I couldn’t really do crossfit I tried functional fitness. Exactly a week after the anniversary of my accident I found out I was pregnant! I worked out hard for the whole 9 months and I gave birth to a perfect baby boy.
To this day I still work out almost everyday and I am actually going to school to become a personal trainer, this is my way of helping and making a difference because I believe everyone has the strength to overcome anything in their life. All you have to do is dig deep, because once you find that strength nothing can ever stop you!
Leah can be reached at : lapierce50@gmail.com
follow her on her IG page at: @leahpiercex12

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  • Amanda Ortega

    Hi This is @horsegirlfitness!! the girl behind @abs2bfitnessapparel!!

    I want to thank Leah for sharing this amazing story with all of us, I was in tears while reading it, having a baby after you have been told you cant is a miracle, having a baby itself is a miracle!! I am so happy you could conquer all this obstacles with will power and love!!! so proud of you, you are an inspiration girl!!! hope you have a beautiful and happy life for ever!!! most deserved!!! Amanda

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